TelephoneWe’ve all been on hold right? Sometimes it’s for thirty seconds, and other times it’s for much longer.

I’ve often found myself wishing for different on-hold music, not necessarily because I don’t like the genre, but because it doesn’t fit the situation. For example, if you use classical music for music-on-hold, the brilliance of Beethoven is lost if you’re on hold with customer service trying to resolve a problem that’s already gotten you aggravated. This is especially true if the music is on a five-minute repetitive loop, and you’ve been on hold for over fifteen minutes! Think of how quickly that fifteen minutes would have gone by with a light classical selection like “Pachelbel’s Canon” instead of a symphonic classical selection like “Beethoven’s 9th.”

When a customer is subjected to aggravating or intense on-hold music, it can easily cause a negative experience — and when they finally get a person on the line they’re ready for battle!

Understanding what kinds of music can be calming, even in stressful situations, can go a long way in avoiding this type of outcome. Since we all want to create better customer experiences, let’s take a look at four on-hold music choices that can help keep your customers happy.

Choose Relaxing Music
A good question to ask your team is what type of music do they find most soothing? Since nobody likes to be kept on hold, thinking about providing a little “mini meditation” is a good way to keep customers mellow while they wait. The use of specific binaural beats in the background of your on-hold music is also a way to affect your customer’s mood in a positive way.

Keep the Volume in Check
There are times when we all like to pump up the volume on a favorite song. Being on hold, for any reason, isn’t one of those times. When the music is too loud, it’s offensive and may make it hard for your customer to hold the phone up to their ear without discomfort.

Know Thy Customer
The best way to make sure your on-hold music is pleasing to the listener is to make sure it aligns with your customer demographics. For instance, if only half of your customers celebrate Christmas, it may be a good idea to play festive holiday music that’s non-holiday specific.

Avoid Default Music
Some commercial phone systems provide default music-on-hold, which many times is instrumental public domain music performed electronically. The personality and products of that business are not represented in a unique or professional way, leaving the caller with the impression that the business “has no curb appeal.” Worse yet are the electronic tones, beeps or sometimes bongs that a customer or prospect hears when put on hold. While both of these on hold products can be perceived as being free, there is no value for the business that uses them.

No matter what your business, Pridham Electronics can deliver great on-hold music for your customers. One of the things we do is gain a solid understanding of who your customers are, so we can recommend music that has a positive influence on their mood.

Feel free to contact Pridham Electronics anytime to discuss your on-hold music needs further.