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Invest In An Extra Set Of Eyes

Pridham Electronics surveillance systems are about more than added security. We design video surveillance management systems to help you operate with greater efficiency and profitability. Reduce shrinkage and increase worker productivity. View and manage multiple locations remotely through your apps with Android, iPhone or iPad. Integrate our systems with your POS System.  Pridham Electronics specializes in systems designed for convenience stores, property management, retail, QSR, bars and restaurants.

  • Increase Overall Security and Safety

    Cameras positioned inside and outside a business help to prevent crimes and break-ins.

  • Prevent Dishonest Claims

    In instances where employees or visitors say they have injured themselves on your property thru slip-and-falls, or other claims, visual evidence from security cameras can disprove that.

  • Resolve Employee Disputes

    Employee disputes are easily resolved when clear visual proof is available.

  • Continuous Real-Time Monitoring

    Surveillance systems allow owners or authorized employees to monitor critical areas continuously, in real time.

  • Digital Storage

    Camera systems enable the user to store recorded footage on network servers, hard-drives, DVRs, NVRs or right on the camera itself where images are easily accessible to authorized users, and offers improved searching capabilities.

  • Visual Evidence for Investigations

    CCTV surveillance cameras can provide invaluable visual evidence for investigations of criminal activity and other specific events.

  • Remote Video Monitoring

    You and your employees can view images remotely from any phone, tablet, laptop or PC with network access. Multiple sites can even communicate over the same network with all of the camera views accessible online.


Reduction in Parking Lot Crime after a CCTV System is Installed.

Need An Extra Set Of Eyes For Your Business?

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CCTV Experts

Pridham Electronics can install cameras that rotate, zoom and insure you can see what you need to see. And, these can even tie in with your POS system!