The Psychology of Grocery Store MusicIf there is one type of retailer that everyone visits multiple times a month (and sometimes multiple times a week) it’s a grocery store. And if you’re a grocery store trying to identify the primary demographic of your customer in order to improve their experience, we’d like to offer some tips that can help.

Most grocers understand that the experience a supermarket gives its customers determines whether or not those customers come back again and again. The experience is determined by many tangible and intangible factors including lighting, pricing, location, in-store appearance, width of aisles, smell and sound.

Try to describe how the supermarket you visit most often sounds. Is the only thing you remember hearing something like, “cleanup in aisle 6,” or an unpleasant conversation you find yourself listening to because there is nothing else to hear? Neither of these will enhance a shopper’s experience, nor entice them to return.

Many grocers realize that they can make shopping a pleasure by paying attention to details — and using the right music is one of those details. Here’s why …

  1. No grocer wants their customers, people who have already decided to shop in their store, to have a negative experience — especially if they can control the reason.
  2. Happy customers return, and may even look forward to the experience. Customers of any age dancing to the music and singing along, having a “karaoke moment” is a good thing!
  3. Happy employees mean happy customers. Having upbeat music that isn’t repetitive, with content and lyrics that are parent-approved, is a double bonus.
  4. Having the right music at the right time makes customers, employees and the grocer happy. Families spend more time and money in the grocery store than couples and singles. Using music targeted to that demographic can lengthen the time spent shopping and increase the probability of a return visit.

Bottom line? At the end of the day, every grocery store’s goal is to control what their customers hear in such a way that it contributes to the overall positive experience of the visit.

Need Help with Your Grocery Store Music?
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